Board Kings: Unlimited Gems & Moves 2023 (2024)

Board Kings: Gemmes et coups illimités 2023 (1)

If you like board games and are looking for one to pass the time on your mobile phone, you should try Board Kings, a relaxing game that you can play in multiplayer mode. If you want to play this game or if you are already a loyal player, in this article we show you how to getBoard Kings Unlimited Gems and Shots.

This is a very fun and popular game among the gaming community, which is offered by Jelly Button, one of the creators of the famousRois pirates. The game board retains the classic features but withnew game modes, as well as stunning graphics that will make you love this game.

Today we want to teach you inside Board Kings cheats that will help you level up fast and getunlimited gems and moves in Board Kings. Don't miss it!

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1Board Kings: The best board game for Android and iOS

2Board Kings Key Features

3How to get unlimited gems and shots in Board Kings

4Free gems and moves just by playing

5Gem and Shot Generator in Board Kings – 2023 Update

5.1Steps to use the generator

6Download Board Kings Mod Apk Unlimited Gems and Shots

6.1Steps to Download Board Kings Mod

7Board Kings Code List – Free Gems and Shots

7.1Don't know how to use the codes?: Here we explain

Board Kings: The best board game for Android and iOS

Board Kings is a game with very simple mechanics, you will have toroll the diceand earn money to upgrade your buildings and move on to other boards, which get more and more complicated as you level up.

Each time you level up, the game will give you an upgrade that will help you increase your skills, you must use it carefully to be able tochoose your strategymore appropriate, Additionally, you can stop by the store and purchase upgrades that will help you become the best within the Board Kings.

Board Kings: Gemmes et coups illimités 2023 (2)

Don't want to spend your money on the game? Don't worry, just like you and me, many gamers are looking forfree alternativesto take full advantage of this type of game.

For this reason, in this article, we focus on teaching the best tricks inBoard Kings to earn diamonds and free spins.

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Main features of Board Kings

Board Kings has become one of the most popular games in recent years, due to the fact that its game mechanics are quitestimulating and entertaining. If you are new to this game and still do not know it very well, here we will explain its most relevant aspects:

  • Filming:Rolls are the number of times you can roll the dice on the board. You will have 5 moves to be able to advance andearn money, as well as visiting other people's dashboards.
  • Crowns:These are used to upgrade your train, i.e. the train where you travel the board. Every few hours you can earn money depending on the level of your train, the higher it is, the more crowns you get.
  • Visit other people's forums:In the game, you can visit other people's boards, where you can earn money that will help you improve buildings.
  • Prison:On the panels there are police cars, if you fall into them they will lock you up. You can escape by paying with gems and coins.
  • Ruined buildings:On each board there are certain spaces where if you fall you can damage a building. If you destroy more buildings, you will get more money.
  • Occupy Buildings:You can buy buildings and occupy them, which allows you to earn money.
  • Events:On special dates, events are usually created where you can win various prizes and lots of money.

How to Get Unlimited Gems and Shots in Board Kings

Are you looking forunlimited gems and moves in Board Kings? Here we tell you how you can get these resources for free.

It is important to note that the official way to get gems and spins is to buy the gems withreal moneyit from the store. However, if you are looking for a free alternative, there are a few different routes you can take.

Keep in mind that some of the options that we tell you herethey are not officialand they can reachbreak the rulesby Board Kings. Therefore, you must be extremely careful when implementing them.

Without further ado, here we tell you how to getunlimited gems and moves in Board Kings.

Free gems and shots just by playing

To earn resources in Board Kings in a safe and fun way, you can do it just by playing the game. Inside Board Kings, you canearn coinscompleting missions, redeeming rewards and defeating your opponents.

But, if what you want is to earn gems, know that it is one of the most difficult resources to obtain, you can only obtain themopening of chests. But, if you are looking for a significant amount of gemstones, we recommend that you go for another option.

Board Kings: Gemmes et coups illimités 2023 (3)

ATearn gems and hitsto play, you must:

  • Log into the game daily toredeem daily reward
  • open loot boxes
  • See advertisements
  • Won other players in online mode

Gems and Shots Generator in Board Kings – 2023 Update

Another of the most popular options among Bord Kings players is to use thefree resource generatorIt is a tool developed by third parties, which works remotely and online, providing users with an opportunity to obtainUnlimited gems and moves in Board Kings.

If you are looking"Road King Gem Generator"in Google you will find a large list of websites that offer you this tool for free. However, most of them are complete lies, their generators don't work, and they are full of intrusive advertisements.

Board Kings: Gemmes et coups illimités 2023 (4)

Therefore, we recommend you to stay away from them as they can infect your computer.anti-virus devicesor malware.

Do you want asafe and functional generator? Perfect! Our tecnoguias team has taken care of finding you a 100% functional generator. So you won't waste time going from site to site looking for a generator.

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Steps to use the generator

To use thegems and moves generator in Board Kings, just follow these simple steps:

  • Push the button"Board Kings Gem Generator"
  • Fill in the information in the boxes
  • Choose the operating system of your mobile
  • Set the amount of gems and shots you are looking for
  • to push on"Produce"
  • wait 30 seconds
  • Ready! You will already have the resources you want accredited in Board King

Board Kings Diamond Generator

Download Board Kings Mod Apk Unlimited Gems and Shots

If you want to get unlimited gems and shots in Board Kings right away, you can do that by directly downloading itspirated version. This is a third party modified apk, which incorporates a MOD that allows users to access all game resources without having to spend their money.

At present, with the advent of games of the type "Freemium“Mods have become very popular as they have become the preferred option for users who have no money to spend in-game.

Board Kings: Gemmes et coups illimités 2023 (5)

This app has amodified codeby the developers, which allows you to bypass Board Kings security. This way, players will be able to get all the resources they want, immediately and for free.

You can download this application for Android and iOS, of course, to download it you will have to do it from the browser, since it is not available in official stores likeGoogle Play ou AppleStore.

Do you want to have unlimited gems and moves? then you have toDownload Board Kings Mod Apk. It's very simple, you just need to follow these steps.

Steps to Download Board Kings Mod

To download the Mod apk on your device, you don't need to be an expert, just follow these simple steps:

  • Go down and press the button"Download Board Kings Mod"
  • Choose your device's operating system before downloading
  • Click "Download"
  • If this is your first time downloading an unknown apk, you will need to go to "Settings" -"Security"- "Permissions" and click on the option to enable downloads from unknown sources
  • install theboard kings filefile manager
  • Go to the app and open it
  • Ready! you will get free gems and shots in Board Kings

Download Board Kings Mod Apk

List of Codes for Board Kings - Free Gems and Shots

Other alternatives to get moves, gems andobjects inside Board Kingsexchange itcode de promo. These are coupons that Board Kings regularly shares with players during events or special dates.

With them you can get many gifts and resources that will be of great help to you in advancing and defeating your rivals in Board Kings. Without a doubt, one of the safest and most reliable methods to obtainUnlimited gems and moves in Board Kings.

However, the real problem with redeeming coupons is that they are very hard to get, they are usually posted on social media. But, these can only be used once which makes it more codes.

To help you getfunctional codes, our team has created a list of active codes. This list was last updated in May 2023.

  • K6ZRTG2P
  • B54K893Y
  • C8Y3EMGJ
  • S22DJED7
  • T66ZYM6
  • P6QUUXE5
  • G29RQSHH
  • S963PSFP
  • PKL54G4N
  • NUR6EZ5G
  • 685HNDSY
  • YPTQQ84L
  • MN8R2HX2
  • XCFC8L9T
  • MP82B8XE
  • L23P8F5P
  • 92FSUHTC
  • YRDWHH52
  • VMXQU3P2
  • RG2NCC5T
  • MUGYKE74
  • 7H5UYUDM
  • 7BFL7G8D
  • UBEXZ26D
  • FDMSM8B6
  • 6AUCAJ4
  • 64865R68
  • F7S7PP45
  • MT3GLN73
  • MW29Y4LK
  • 3BAP8LG7
  • JH9WP5V7
  • NR35LRP8
  • RV4VMVY6
  • GC578WWJ
  • XS5W4AWT
  • AHPF73W2
  • ZW2H8ZC5
  • K2KLXB5Y
  • 7K5F2VY5
  • 336A5E4V
  • CS84QZCM
  • JR5CT9XY
  • ZA6AFC5
  • 5RA2LBFG
  • ULS6CB4Z
  • KMF26FHL
  • S49YYDKJ
  • 2ME8FSFX
  • 7X8RMZK9
  • 9N8SY8XY
  • VD7PJUE3
  • YWZUNV25
  • RM6M
  • 674JBX7K
  • 55TRGZJ2
  • M4EPM2V4
  • DW75QN23
  • 3RGJLR
  • 8SHY8ZX7

You don't know how to use the codes?: We explain you here

Redeeming these codes is very simple, all you need to do is:

  • enter the game
  • go to menu
  • search option·"Promotions"
  • Now click on "Use Coupons"
  • Enter the code you selected
  • Click on "exchange"
  • Ready! You will already have the resources you are looking for

With the latter we end this post, we recommend that you follow all our advice to the letter so that you do not have any inconvenience. Also if you know any other method to getfree diamonds and spins in Board Kings, we invite you to let us know in the comment box.

As a final recommendation, we point out that allunofficial methodcan stop working at any time, because themoderatorsof Board Kings are responsible for completing them.

If you want to continue learning other methods to getfree resources in gamesfor Android and iOS, we invite you to visit our article onOSM: Unlimited Champion Coins 2023. You will love!

Board Kings: Unlimited Gems & Moves 2023 (2024)


How do you get more gems in board kings? ›

Gems are the premium currency in BoardKings. They can be used to purchase idols, landmarks, cash, dice, and extra cops. It can also be used to break out of jail. Gems can be earned from landing on the Townhall (on any board) or landing on a purple gem space on a friend's board.

How do you get gems in King Le? ›

Once you finish the last wave of the easy raid you earn 5 Gems(along with 1 million Beli) along with a 0.5% chance to get 1 Gem by killing a normal NPC, and a 10% from a Boss. You get 15 Gems upon completing a normal raid.

How do you get new dice on board Kings? ›

The way to get the special dice is simply to collect idols! Once you collect a whole row of idols in a specific theme, you get the dice to go along with it!

What does a banana peel do on board Kings? ›

Banana Peel is an item. Throw this Banana Peel behind you to make players who walk over it slip.

How do you level up fast in board kings? ›

In order to level up in the game, players need to upgrade their buildings. The number of times players need to level up in order to move on to a new board varies, and is dependent on how far along a player is in the game.

What does Bunny Kong do in board kings? ›

A player must place this Landmark on their board and allow the Landmark to "charge" before being able to collect or use its benefits (i.e. the Bunny Kong Landmark allows a player to release an additional cop unit every 24 hours on the tile the landmark occupies; the cop stays on the tile until it catches another player ...

How do you get your money from games? ›

How to get paid to play video games
  1. Play games to earn money on Swagbucks. ...
  2. Become a Twitch streamer. ...
  3. Work as a video games tutor. ...
  4. Compete in gaming tournaments to win cash prizes. ...
  5. Apply for an esports scholarship. ...
  6. Work as a games tester. ...
  7. Make money as a gamer on social media. ...
  8. Write video game reviews for money.
Jul 20, 2023

How do board game companies make money? ›

How does a board game company make money? A board game business makes money by selling its finished board games. Games may be sold directly to customers at retail prices or to resellers at wholesale prices.


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